Wellbeing at Work

I offer a range of services that can be tailored to your company objectives whether it be increasing employee wellbeing or inspiring colleagues to think differently.


My Services

I provide bespoke solutions to get the wellness agenda in the workplace. Whatever the budget or corporate objective, I can tailor a solution to facilitate healthy behavioural change for your employees. I also work with charities on events whether it be fundraising or outreach sessions.

Wellbeing Talks

I love inspiring and sharing information through wellbeing talks. I cater for a wide range of audiences and cover topics from general health, such as stress and anxiety, to making latest research more relatable such as the gut microbiome and its connection to mental health. I provide high-quality resources such as handouts and presentation notes and will be available after the talk or via email if employees have any follow up questions.

Wellbeing Workshops

As well as talks, I also offer workshops such as cooking demonstrations, herbal medicine making or foraging. This can be a great way to engage colleagues in learning about nutrition or natural medicine whilst encouraging team bonding and having fun.

Content Development

I support corporate clients in writing accurate and evidenced content on health topics for internal communications. This could be providing supporting information to employees for different health awareness campaigns such as mental health or obesity.

Corporate health programmes and consultancy

I offer corporate health programmes and consultancy to support on more bespoke projects. Health programmes can range from 1:1 or group sessions to facilitate the education and motivation of employees to take choose healthier lifestyle and nutritional choices. They provide an environment where employees can get tailored advice and feel more comfortable asking questions. This can be combined with on-track packages involving weekly targets, questionnaires, food diaries to provide quantifiable benefits for the employee as well as the motivation to improve to reach their goals. I also provide consultancy for other projects such developing staff canteen menus or developing wellness at work strategies.

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