Summer Solstice Rituals

Summer Solstice Rituals


Astrologer Francesca Oddie and Herbalist Izzy Kirkby discuss astrology and herbal medicine, the summer solstice, solar eclipse and the new moon in cancer.

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Summer Solstice Rituals

Watch the workshop that Francesca Oddie and I ran to honour the Summer Solstice, the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon in Cancer happening over the 20th and 21st June. We talk about summer solstice rituals so you can capture the energy of this period.

There is a lot happening astrologically with the solstice, eclipse and New Moon so Francesca shares her insights and wisdom about what is happening in the planets.

We will also discuss the historical and mythological significance of the solstice.

The combination of the fiery Sun energy and watery Moon energy is a difficult one to navigate so we discuss what we can all do to help keep ourselves centred in these times!

The learnings: 

  • Introduction to the astrology of the solstice, solar eclipse and new moon
  • Herbs that can be used in rituals to manage the energy
  • How we might be feeling around the solar eclipse, new moon in cancer and solstice.

The format:

  • Total duration: 75 minutes
  • Discussion about astrology and herbal medicine, folklore and tradition.
  • Bonus: Downloadable PDF summarising key points 
  • We intend to meet again on 31st October 2020 and will update you about how you can join in

The speakers:

Francesca has been trained as a psychological astrologer. The magic lies in knowing yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, talents, desires, motivations and romantic inclinations.  She can look at your chart and quickly ascertain something about your character.  By looking at current astrological movements, the astrologer can get an idea for what has happened, is happening or will happen in your life.   This may manifest as something visible in your world, or as a change in the way you feel about your life. The consultation is a dialogue where the client provides the colours and together you paint a clearer picture of your life.


Izzy is a naturopath who uses nutritional therapy and herbal medicine to provide a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Her approach is grounded in biochemistry applied using an energetic framework to address the whole person not just their symptoms. Izzy primarily works with women to engage and empower them to learn about how they can support their health using natural medicine.