Wei Chi Tea

Wei Chi Tea


These herbs have an affinity with the kidney and bladder, strengthening our natural defences against invasive forces. 



In Traditional Chinese Medicine Wei Chi is our natural defence system. Its role is to guard our aura or energy field against external invaders.

However, sometimes our Wei Chi is compromised and we may succumb to these invaders or pathogens.

This is when we need other lines of defense to stop them from penetrating further.

Well this tea is all about supporting our urinary tract. These herbs love our kidneys and bladder so that we have additional help to strengthen our Wei Chi.


  • Buchu
  • Rose
  • Uva Ursi
  • Cornsilk
  • Calendula


Add 1 tablespoon of Wei Chi tea to a pot of hot water and infuse for 5-10 minutes.

Serving Suggestion:

Enjoy to cool down, down there


This packet contains 135g worth of herbal Wei Chi tea.

If you enjoy 2.5g per tea, that is 54 soothing pots of tea for you to enjoy (at 13p per serving!)

Please note, this is loose leaf tea. This not only helps the environment but also means if you want a stronger tea infusion you can adjust to your taste!

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135 grams

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