Make this your year of healing with herbal medicine. 

Do you want to learn more about looking after your health using natural medicine but don't know where to start 👇?

I will take you through how to use herbal medicine 🌿 in your healing toolkit.

Learn from a Master Herbalist.

Support your health naturally.

Be confident using plants as medicine.

Grow with a green community.

We will be using the seasons as a guide to healing in sync with nature 🌳.

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Rediscover Your Innate Knowledge Of How To Heal With Natural Medicine. 

What is this?

A series of 12 webinars, Q&As all about healing with herbs.
You will learn through:
  • Science: Learn about the properties of plants and how they interact with the body.
  • Nature: Explore, forage and delve into the green world through the seasons 🍂.
  • Remedies: Discover practical ways of using herbs to supporting your health.
  • Story: Understand the plants through ancient traditions, mythology and folklore.
  • Connection: Meet the plants, fellow students and me 🙂 all in one community.
  • ​Rituals: Work with herbs energetically as well as physically.

About Me: Izzy Kirkby

Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist, Herbalist Dip CNM
Member of Association of Master Herbalists, British Association of Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine, Association of Naturopathic Practitioners, General Naturopathic Council, Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council


Thank you so much for  landing here! 
I am delighted that you are interested in working with me over the year to learn about herbal medicine and health.

I am a herbalist, naturopath & nutritional therapist. I have studied natural medicine for 7 years and I now work with clients using nutrition and herbs to support their health.

I have been teaching about using herbs for 5 years and I love connecting plants and people! However, I realised that many do not realise the powerful role that plants play in our health.

I believe it is now time to reclaim this knowledge of using plants as medicine and 'A Year of Herbs' will take you on a journey through the seasons and learning about health and herbal medicine along the way!

I really hope you join me.

Izzy xxxx

What We Will Learn:

We will be welcoming in the spring by learning about traditional cleansing herbs and holistic approaches to detoxification.
We will be learning about the  qualities and the elements of herbs and food so we can balance our health throughout the seasons.
Magical May is nature's fertile time so we will be exploring how this relates to us and the myths and rituals of the plants at this time of year.
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This Is Your Chance To Learn, Heal & Connect with Plants.    

What I gained from learning about herbs and what I hope you will too....

  • Confidence, health and love for my body
  • ​Empowered and able to trust my intuition
  • ​Energy, delight and an abundance of life
  • Connection with nature and our forefathers
  • Grounded-ness, centered-ness, purpose and clarity
  • Never-ending love and support from the earth
The summer solstice will mark the time to gather herbs of the sun. We will learn about these herbs and also the connection between plants and the planets.
We will be building our medicine chest and finding our green allies plus no more worrying about summer maladies like sunburn or insect bites. 
As temperature's rise, we will be learning about the power of bitter herbs to keep us cool as a cucumber and how to manage digestive and liver health.

Plus I will be sharing even more with you:

  • Herbal monographs & downloadable fact sheets
  • Exclusive recipes & remedies for using herbs 
  • ​Q&As and chats with Izzy
  • Private community circle (no Facebook!)
  • ​​Discounts off 121 consultation packages
  • ​Plus a BONUS course on connecting with plants
After a summer of fun, we will be learning about herbs to keep us calm and collected by exploring the emotional uses of plants and flower essences.
Shorter days and longer nights means story-telling time! We will have some fun with herbal recipes and remedies for the end of the harvest and Halloween.
We will explore another kingdom and do a medicinal mushroom special as well as focus on immune health and staying well during winter.

Why I created this:

Herbal medicine is not just finding a plant to deal with a symptom. Of course, you can do that, in fact most pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plants. But that does not bring sustainable health.
 I believe you can achieve that by taking a holistic approach to working the plants. 

This might mean adding wild foods to your meals, being out in nature, learning the stories of the plants, making herbal remedies or simply adding in a herbal tea. Whatever you are called to do A Year of Herbs will you be there to help you on this journey.
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Grow Your Health In Harmony With Nature  

What others say:


Thank you so much for delivering such useful information.You were just wonderful to watch and hear. I have taken so many notes!
I didn't realise how magnificent herbs and spices are. I learnt so much. I could listen to it again. More of this please!
Izzy is such a captivating speaker I wouldn’t hesitate recommending working with her as she was a first class speaker! 
Izzy  you are such a wealth of knowledge. I have loved learning from you over your series of talks. It has been wonderful to feel more connected to nature and I've never felt better from incorporating herbal medicine into my life. Thank you!
Izzy you create excellent content and delivery and you are such a pleasure to work with. We received fantastic reviews from guests and replays have been demanded. I look forward to working with you further in the future. 
I really enjoyed Izzy's chat with us, she was so positive and excited about the herbs and their uses and how good they are for us. It made me want to go out and search for herbs.

Wow Izzy thank you so much for your talk on women's health! I felt so overwhelmed dealing with my hormonal issues but you have made me realise there is so much I can do to support my body! I am excited to get started on all the nutrition and herbs you suggested.
As a nurse, I value Izzy's practice as the foundation of medicine. Izzy has a great breadth of knowledge told in stories that bring you back to nature and its healing. 
She has helped me with my own health issues and I support myself daily drinking her teas.
Izzy is the most exceptional Herbalist I have ever met, and I have met many. She is warm, kind and engaging and most importantly of all-her knowledge and application of herbs is uncanny.  
I cannot recommend learning from her enough.
Value £869.
  • 12 monthly webinars (£396 value at £33 each)
  • 12 x Q&As (£396 value at £33 each)
  • Community (Invaluable!)
  • Downloadable Resources (£22 value)
  • Recipes & Remedies (£22 value)
  • Bonus: Connecting with Plants Course (£33 value) 
  • Bonus: Cacao & Breathwork Ceremony with Alison Martin
  • Bonus: Qi Gong with Elle Thomas
Oh wow, why is it so cheap?!
Well, I want to share my first course with as many people as possible! 
I love what I do and I hope you will too!  
It's festive season so we will having some fun with folklore and the traditions of this time and of course winter remedies and recipes!
We will be working with adaptogens and how to use them to help us start the New Year in health and provide us with energy for January.
We will bring together our time of learning and end with herbs for heart-opening and our intentions for the seeds we have planted on this journey.

Any Questions?

When do we start, what are the dates?
We start in March but you can join at any time and catch up on the recordings.
The webinars will be the 4th Tuesday of every month at 7pm (apart from August and December).

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes you will be able to watch all the webinars on-demand whenever you like, through the educational platform. All resources and downloadable guides, bonus videos will be on there too!

How much time will I need to invest?

It's really simple, just one hour a month. If you don't have the time you can always watch later! If you have more time then great! Get stuck in and come to the Q&As, make some herbal remedies, do some foraging, find your healing herb!
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From Science to Story, This Is A Unique Holistic Approach to Healing & Herbs.
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