I’m a naturopath who uses nutrition and herbal medicine to support people to achieve optimum health. My approach is to address the whole person not just their


From garden pest to naturopath

I’ve always had a passion for plants. Spending much of my childhood following my dad around the garden, I grew to love nibbling away at the produce of the changing seasons so much that by the age of ten, I’d successfully pestered him into letting me have my own vegetable patch! What can I say, a Naturopath was born? Umm well, no, not quite.

Fast forward to university, and I’d abandoned my natural roots.  Bad diet and bad habits set in and by the time I hit the world of work, I found myself constantly tired, sluggish and uninspired.

I knew I needed a change.

Rediscovering my passion studying naturopathic medicine

Through studying Naturopathy and Nutritional Therapy, I became confident to start looking after myself as people have done for thousands of years, through the power of plants.

This had several startling effects: I woke up, lost weight and found a sense of purpose.

Continuing my quest for knowledge has become my life endeavour. I specialised in Western herbal medicine although I have a love of Ayurveda!

My goal now is to share my knowledge to help other people feel amazing so they can pass it on too.

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